The Chapter 1 thoughts….

I try to tell myself words of comfort when facing certain dilemmas. Especially dilemmas concerning going back to that old small town I left. There were memories I would have preferred to keep buried, burned to ashes in my mind, go under hypnosis to forget, even the very thought of driving on those roads made me sick. There was a psychological madness, a thunderstorm of uncertainty and yet I couldn’t escape my duties…


I placed my hand over the knob, gently feeling each strain of the mechanism give before the door finally opened. I half expected to see the Grim Reaper in full regalia, sickle included, looming over her body waiting for her last breath. Surprisingly, she was resting with the shades half drawn and a vase of white and pink fresh roses on her bedside table. She looked peaceful. Too peaceful. I sat down next to her and took her hand. It was warm. She stirred and turned her head to me and slowly opened her eyes.

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