Letters Of The Dragon


A while back I got the Letter’s of the Dragon, from Bruce Lee, book and it’s a compilation of shared letters throughout his life that he sent to various people’s, friends, family, and his wife, Linda. Just reading what he wrote at just 18 years of age is incredible. No human is perfect and he was still a man…. but his wisdom was far beyond most people who die of old age. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I truly take the time to analyze myself, my life, and those around me, to be better.


This was another of his books he wrote when he was hospitalized after breaking his back. I’m glad Linda pushed him to write this and to get his ideas on paper. He’s one of my all time favorite people and I’m glad to have had the chance to sit at his grave and just talk. Even to his son, Brandon Lee, who is dearly missed. I couldn’t imagine what success would have loomed before both of them had their lives not been cut so mysteriously short.


The drive and determination is takes to make oneself better, especially in a strange land, and to climb to success with willpower as strong as steel is incredible. I often veg out on the couch and just watch his entire movie collection. But I daresay if anyone needs some inspiration, I’d begin with Letters Of The Dragon. You cannot not learn something from it.

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