There was a time when….

I cling to the 90’s like Leonardo DiCaprio clings to his dreams of winning an Oscar. The whole hedonistic era of grunge rock, great rock and roll, hip hop with meaning, and self exploration. It was a rejuvenated time and things were pretty good. I’d kinda like to see that time again. When I was in school we had the formidable cliques, as do most eras, with the preps and the “grungers” or skaters….headbangers, the nerds, or just normal people no one really paid attention too. Everyone alienated everyone else, smashing themselves into their own categories only for some of us, years later, to discover that we didn’t give a shit about categories. Then that leaves the rest of the down trodden sods who couldn’t find their own identity in life and they cling to those labels like your boss’ bad breath. 

I guess over all, history eventually repeats itself. Hopefully we find a time again where there is significant peace and everyone can just be. Wars suck. Necessary or not. Social factors that prohibit people from just being people, suck…. I blame bad gentrification and hipsters. 

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