As I sit here listening to the boom of explosions erupting around me and even attending a local fireworks show…it occurred to me as I’ve read quite a few status’ and posts here on the old social media, shitting on July 4th and WHINING about America and how we came to be, bloodshed this and blah blah that. I’ll just say this….NO country is perfect in its entirety. Countries that have been civilized for hundreds and even thousands of years are still way behind in certain ways. America isn’t perfect. We’re still an infant nation, we’re still figuring things out. Even our forefathers weren’t perfect. We have a dark past, dark history….but there are good things to be said. Things we take for granted. Things that the good people of this country do everyday that go unnoticed.

As I was listening to the hundreds of American citizens sitting around me tonight, oohing and ahhing at the colorful spectacle erupting in the sky, amongst those were of foreign tongue. People from other countries, different nationalities. Coming out to celebrate this nation and whatever it has provided them. We’re home to millions of people from all over the world and if someone from another country can take more pride in this nation more than even our own citizens…there’s something to be said there. But I won’t shit on you for complaining and bitching about how much you hate it here, how much you hate soldiers, war, forefathers, patriotism, and even the darkness that has unfolded on this land…. because it’s your right. You have the right to that opinion. Why? Because you’re in America….. Good night

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