I came across an interesting story for perseverance. Perseverance meaning “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

Imagine you’re having an asthma attack or say you’re in the pool or ocean swimming. Your lungs close up and you’re fighting for air. Perhaps you’re drowning and you keep kicking to get to the surface and you’re not thinking of anything else. Not drama, not the phone, not social media, no problems, no issues, no outside interference…your main focus is getting to that air. I find that being successful in life and having perseverance means never stopping your dreams and you never stop fighting to reach the top.

Success isn’t measured by your bank account. Although money doesn’t hurt either. It’s setting your personal goals in life and achieving them. You keep doing it. You keep going after things that make you happy. Staying creative, working on that music, finishing that business plan or project, going back to school, rebuilding relationships…whatever it takes to get you where you need to be. Perseverance is an undying art from of attaining success no matter what is in your way. Thinking back to a person trying to get the air in their lungs, most people in life say they want success and it’s a nice idea. But they aren’t willing to work for it. They lack motivation and passion. You have to forget all that lazy shit and just do it.

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