Try Telling A Lion Not To Roar

Freedom is a human right. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that we are one of millions of species on this earth. Our rules and regulations regarding the welfare and stature of how we live is ridiculous. Try telling a lion not to roar. Try telling a bird how to fly, or a fish how to swim…

What you believe in or who you worship is no one else’s business. It’s not your place to damn and condemn another. How you choose to express your life and sexuality is no one else’s business as long as you’re not hurting another. It’s not your place to restrain and condemn another…

In the end of all things, war amounts to nothing. In the end of all things, the quality of life and how you have shaped life through your own perspective is what matters. Alas, some are born to not stand with peace but to shed blood, the blood of projection for their own self loathing and piss poor quality of soul.

*Stands with Ukraine* Good luck.

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