The Traveler of Thoughts


I find myself at an impasse. There are plenty of deliciously exciting things to write about, yet my mind wants to wander. In the event of wandering I find myself imaging having tea over looking the Seine, scoping out the veiled nooks and crannies of the great pyramids, or even having a back yard BBQ with people I actually enjoy. Perhaps I spend too much time dreaming instead of making it a reality. Or perhaps I’m doing the best I can and reaching as far as I can with what I have to work with. I’m still no closer to the Seine. I even wanted to put one of those cheesy little locks on the gated bridge in Paree (Paris). Sometimes I even think that I would appreciate seeing The Louvre more than people who actually get to go.

Another part of me would really like to explore martial arts. I always wanted to be taught by some secret kick ass instructor that would make me drink odd concoctions and have me punch wood walls until it no longer stings. Maybe I could one day be fearless enough to climb Mt Fuji, actually go skiing without worrying about smacking into a tree…. woulda, coulda, shoulda….

I guess I’m alright and maybe I can take the dreams I can’t achieve right now and put them too work. Build characters that do these things…develop stories that encompass a life part of me wouldn’t mind having. Even though I’m grateful for what I have, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to appreciate the beauty and construction of nature and the human capabilities around the world. We’re not always destined to live the life of another, so it is important to understand how much we can achieve within our means and then begin to stretch that past its limits to see how far we can go. I would have never imagined that one day events would have led to me driving across country, but they did.

I drove clear across the US, east to west, on the top northern portion in the dead of winter. It was one of the most scariest and exhilarating experiences of my life and it made me have a deeper appreciate for this land.  So far away from civilization are untouched areas, areas that seem foreign and otherworldly yet miraculous in their breath. Then I have to tell myself how fortunate I am to have had the chance to hike Mt. Rainier.

ImageThis mountain is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It makes me wonder how many people from other countries want to see it, breathe the sweet  air, and just stand in the midst of its glory. I haven’t seen the pyramids…but I have seen this. I haven’t traveled to Paris, but I’ve traveled the US. I’m probably not very good at martial arts, but I adore Bruce Lee and I’m almost certain I can have tea anywhere…. I am a traveler of thoughts and a dreamer of dreams. But I do have a hand in making things happen. I’m coming for you Paris!

One thought on “The Traveler of Thoughts

  1. Take the world by the horns! You may not be in Paris today but, that doesn’t mean it can never happen. It’s ok to have dreams and set goals. Take one step at time, it doesn’t always matter what the destination is, so long as you enjoy the trip.

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