Boycotting the Olympics in Sochi

People arguing about boycotting the Winter Olympics in Sochi, is really ridiculous. It’s getting to the point where people are going to want to boycott the world. Every fucking country has their evil and nasty that goes on. That’s not the focus of the games. I know some people don’t give a shit about the games and I totally get that, but I rather enjoy them. People train hard and work hard to perfect their crafts and give us some exhilarating moments. I think that should be the main focus.
It’s not any different from any other creative person, artist, musician, photographer who travels the world to show people what they can do. Are you going to boycott a photographer for taking photos of or in a country that we might not like? Or are you going to enjoy the beauty of the photograph itself? Are you NOT going to perform or DJ in a country because of social or political beliefs you might not agree with? Probably not. You’re going to go for the chance.
And if people don’t like your sexuality….FUCK EM

pfft muggles….

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