The Dream


All to familiar was the void. All to comfortable an escape. Giving into the shattering circumstance, bleeding heavily on the wet ground. A pile of dead leaves soaked in the earthly dew laid in my sight. I felt as decayed as the Autumnal breath that clung to Springs birth. It was a notion I took, a happenstance thought that perhaps I may be reborn. What life shall I have? What memories shall I beg to keep… I pleaded with the fates to never let me forget my sadness or my loves.

When my conscious awoke, there on the ground, life had left me. I could still see the world but not as it was. Mandalas and hues made up the sky, while a vortex swirled neath’ me. It was a radiant design that allowed perspective to see creation. A geometrical wonder. The tones and sounds hummed. Stones vibrations radiated frequencies I could hear. I no longer remembered the memories I once held. The thought of love and sadness no longer held its sway. I took this as a freedom and a break of chains. Emotional chains of drowning. The purge of humanity allowed me to understand the fragility of life, though giving me an inception of an afterlife.

No language can describe ones personal journey. No mind can conjure an idea that is resolute in fact. But one can dare to dream and see where it may take them.


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