The Comfort In Being Sad

Goddess of Depression-Victor Nazarenko

I think as humans, once we suffer a tremendous sadness and depression, we find a comfort in the sadness itself. It is as if our minds have broken passed the barriers of happiness and we have found ourselves in a bleak reality. This does not mean that to live in a forever state of sadness is a healthy way to live life, but it’s not necessarily unhealthy either. It prepares you to have more caution, it allows you to understand your limits and to develop empathy.

In order to understand human nature is to understand ourselves. I have found that while in a depressive state, it hurts worse than anything physical. Your body aches, your minds synapses cannot fire off anything other than what you’re forcing it to think about. Neurons and glia are at a stand still. We often forget how much control we have over our minds. Especially when we allow sadness to overtake us. Akin to Artax in the Swamps of Sadness. If you can fight through one more day….one more moment….you’ll hopefully make it through. Even though sadness can provide a blanket with which one does not always want to crawl out from under, we have to entertain happiness in order to forget how miserable sadness really is.

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