NIN Tension Tour

ImagePhotos By Immortal-Affliction Photography

My expectations were high. Trent delivered above and beyond what I imagined. I’ve read a mix of reviews and from the negative reviews I’ve read, it seems to be only a mix of trivial complaints about the typical long lines, no moshing, and sitting next to someone whose doing drugs. It’s a concert. What do you expect? Trent has been at this for over a decade and as far as I’m concerned he’s a musical and lyrical genius.

He started out by himself taking music into a different direction and making us confront ourselves and the social norms which restrained our limits of understanding. He brought about a new dynamic and a new design. Throughout his career he struggled with his own personal issues that most musicians go through. Drugs and career problems. Not to mention any additional behind the scenes snares that prohibited his full potential. But even as I write that, I find that his full potential was constructed through the design of his music and each album resembles where he was at that point in time. It’s like watching a story unfold and I appreciate that.


During this Tension Tour, his main focus was on the new NIN. Although, we were humbly graced with tunes from his first few albums and the crowd was pleased. I know I was. It was a harmonious moment of singing and resurgence of nostalgia. Then he took us somewhere else with his songs off the new album Hesitation Marks. While many have complained that this isn’t what they expected or they aren’t crazy about this album, it takes a moment for it to sink in. You have to listen to it a few times to really appreciate what he’s done.


With each song came about a spectacular light performance that radiated the feelings according to those songs. Trent seemed alive and radiant in sharing this new version of himself. He also incorporated some lovely backup singers with which I was impressed. I hope he keeps up the amazing work and I hope he makes it to Seattle again. It was exponentially refreshing.




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